Promotion & Offer Creation To
Fix Underperforming Campaigns Or
Expand Into New Markets

Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy

Go from idea to launch to sales in weeks. This done-for-you service gives you the strategy, creativity and sales and marketing assets needed to fix underperforming campaigns, attain higher ROAS and grow your business.

Creating Amazing Value For Your Customers
Is The Key To Unlocking Explosive Sales

Ever look at others and think, "damn, they're amazing." Then you look at your stuff, and it's nowhere close? If so, you’ve got to Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy and put it to work driving sales.

Design, build and launch irresistible promotions and offers so more people buy.

Need to stop the bleed? Boost ROAS? Scale beyond organic strategies? Build predictable lead flow for your sales team?

In this done-for-you service, we give you what you need — the strategy, creativity, and sales and marketing assets — to turn advertising into leads into profit. We help you Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy, write your pitch, develop advertising hooks and creative campaigns, write your landing page or funnel, heck, we even script your explainer video or VSL.

The result? You unlock greater ROI on the sales and marketing activities you're already invested in. You expand into new markets or industries. And ultimately, you increase sales and profit.

Your competitors will wonder how to keep up.

Ask yourself: Do I stand out from the thousands who do what I do?

Do I look like the authority in my space?

If others are investing in sales and marketing, am I keeping up or falling further behind?

New privacy restrictions and increased competition have made reaching your target customers more challenging than ever. Today's savvy customers are trained to ignore ads and demand high-value experiences. And gone are the days of people buying high-ticket services on the first click.

It's time for fresh ideas, market intelligence, and a creative promotion strategy. It's time to Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy so you can sell more, faster and easier.

They put their heart
and soul into the work.

"It's obvious to me as a business owner that these guys don't just go through the motions. They put their heart and soul into the work."

Adrian Jayne

Former Owner (exited), Backrack

Fix Underperforming Campaigns Or
Expand Into New Markets

Our Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy service is for you.

Ready to expand on your success by moving into new markets or industries? Or maybe it's time to unlock greater ROI for the sales and marketing activities you're already invested in?

Through this 100% done-for-you service we will:


Get clear on your sales & marketing objectives

So you can go all in on what matters most while eliminating the distractions.


Pinpoint your primary customer base

So you can get in front of the right people who want what you offer now.


Define the real-world results your customers want most

So you can future pace the outcome, minimize risk, build urgency, create KPIs, and calculate their ROI.


Tailor the strategy to each customer and platform.

So you can zero in on the most persuasive promotions and offers that will directly lead to more sales.


Create everything that goes into a badass offer

So you can go from idea to launch to sales and grow your business.

Most of all, when you Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy you can:

Launch new programs, products, or services with confidence.

Look like "the name" in your industry.

Fix broken sales processes to generate & close leads.

Unlock bigger and better opportunities.

Get competitors to say, "Damn, we need to up our game."

Having a strong brand
and offer is crucial.

"It can make or break your success. I thought what I was doing was pretty good...but after experiencing this process, the team at SalesLoop took me to another level!"

Nick Bradley

Business Scaling Expert & Podcaster, Scale Up Your Business

The Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy service.
To fix underperforming campaigns or expand into new markets.


Your Product or Service
Target Customer Intel
Competitor Audits

INVENT YOUR badass promotion or offer

Your Purpose, Features, & Results
3 New Offer Hooks
Winning Offer Hook Developed


Offer Name, Pitch & Process
Explainer, VSL, or Demo Video Script
Landing Page or Funnel Copy

Once we've developed your SalesLoop ROI strategy, invented your new badass offer and written all your campaign assets, you can immediately put it to work.

What you get from this 100% done-for-you service.

Tailor-made for B2B Entrepreneurs and Coaches — from solopreneurs to established companies with teams — the Create A Damn Good Reason For People To Buy service scales with you.

Ideal for visionary leaders and growth-driven entrepreneurs, we give you exactly what you need to unlock your company's sales potential and fuel real growth, including:

  • Customized strategic planning to optimize your marketing efforts.
  • Tailor-made roadmap for growth and success.
  • Expert guidance at every step, from ideation to execution.
  • Transparent pricing strategies to maximize revenue potential.
  • Close more deals by laser-focusing on your unique differentiators.
  • Audit and adapt to the competition to always stay one step ahead.
  • Showcasing your expertise, credibility, and achievements.
  • Compelling storytelling to highlight your critical selling points.
  • Command the right price for your product by showcasing real value.
  • Everything you need to launch your new promotion or offer, written for you: your new offer name, the pitch, pricing strategy, top objections with responses, easy-to-explain delivery framework, creative hook & campaign concept, landing page or funnel copy including CTAs, a VSL, explainer video, or demo video script, and a digital lead magnet.

It’s a standard that I’ve
not seen in any other
creative company that
we’ve ever worked with.

Ron McArthur

"Retired” President - WSI - We Simplify the Internet

Over a decade's worth of work to choose from.

We've worked on thousands of projects with hundreds of the world's largest brands, coolest startups, and world-changing thought leaders.  Here’s a small taste of what we’ve done.

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Take the guesswork out of your marketing.

Backed by eye-opening customer research, revealing competitive audits, and over 15 years of experience our approach is unlike anything else.